Digital Workflow

I work with state of the art digital equipment that easily equals, and even surpasses the qualities of film. 90% of the time I’m shooting RAW image output which has a high image density. On most cameras is 12 or 16bit, whereas the JPEGs are only 8bit. This means that there can be a greater tonal range in the resulting images!

Post workflow primarily involves the use of Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Including Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge. These are the ultimate in efficiency and quality for the modern digital photographer.

But its the work flow that has all the advantages from start to finish.  After a quick edit your shoot will be available in a password protected gallery right here; usually in two to three days. You, and anybody you wish, can see your images. You’ll be able to make your selections in this protected gallery, do mock-ups on them for edit within the gallery system at your convenience.

For your convenance; fill out our contact form and a client coordinator will contact you directly!
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