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2015 Calendar - Parker Photography by Glenn Louis ParkerPhoto (c) 1992 by Glenn Louis ParkerFuturist Visual Artist Business Mentor Life Coach Philanthropist

Press Release: Announcing our Spiritual Calendar:

Our  Calendar is FUN project to spread LOVE, enlightenment and the JOY of being. To inspire others to CREATE, BE and LOVE! And to share our gifts with like souls! To raise consciousness  and our sense of unity!

Themed on Spirituality  Fitness, Athletics, Yogis, Models, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Singers, Fashion & Jewelry Designers, Painters, Artists of all kinds!

Each photo is themed on LOVE and connection showing the gifts of each who is being photographed. Looking at low light “candles”; each person in their native environment of creation!

Calendar: Web Traffic & Press Releases:

Along with your photo(s) your web site & bio will be included on your calendar month!

  • I’m thinking keeping everyone’s month to coincide with their birthday!
  • Permanent Blog Posts on my web site with images, Your Web Site Links & Social Networking Links.
  • Reach participant receives a featured business interview. ( See below for details )
  • Calendar will be available for download as a FREE screen saver, FREE and fast content delivery!
  • We are also working on a iPhone / iTouch App for content delivery!

Calendar: Features, Business Interview with SEO

Key Features:

  • Your interview is optimized for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • Custom email intake Lead Generation Form ( leads can contact you directly from within the  interview! )
  • Links to your web site and Social Networking; Facebook pages, Fan Pages Included ( Organic Back-links! )
  • We have a team of professionals to help with collaborating on what keywords would be productive.
  • Business Interviews act as an Press Release,  but are MUCH more likely to be read & shared!
  • The target goal is to have your core keywords show up in organic search on page 1 of google!
  • FREE Organic traffic is MUCH more productive than paid search! No one wants to be SOLD.
  • We have interviews ranked on page one of google for “comic franchise” and other keywords!

Calendar: Retail and Promotional  Aspects

  • Calendars for resale can be purchased in wholesale batches with a FIXED retail price.
  • NOT for resale copies of the calendar for personal & promotion use will be issued; number yet to be determined.
Calendar Locations!

Thus far shoots we have invitations to shoot in:

  • Hawaii
  • London
  • Los Angles
  • New York City
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Bali
  • Greece
  • And we are trying to make Easter Island
  • I would like to thank EVERYONE  for the overwhelming response!
  • I’m open minded to shoot in any venue! If you have a location in mind, contact me!

So far we have leaders in:

  • Fashion
  • Visionary Artists
  • Art Galleries
  • International Models
  • Spiritual Community Leaders
  • Yogis
  • Entertainment & Music


Bashar Essassani Experience Don't be Afraid of The Dream, the Dream is what will awaken you - YahyelOn September 10th of 2013, I was inspired as my highest joy to create High Vibration Foundation. The impulse was so strong I dropped everything I was doing and got started! The core idea was to have a resource center for those attracted to this information, I deeply identify with Lemurian energy, specifically the original Lemuria of the Hawaiian Islands, and the idea of Bashar’s role in first contact. I feel very connected to the role of first contact, in that I feel after our 1000 years of peace, as we evolve into a new form of spirit being, that will be my role “ambassador of earth” and my highest joy!”.

To participate in the our Calendar; please fill out the form below:
  • Short bio, what you feel you bring to the project along with your area of interest.
  • Please share any thoughts or inspirations on our calendar you may have!

For your convenance; fill out our contact form and a client coordinator will contact you directly!
  • Drop files here or

Love & Light Glenn Louis Parker Futurist: Visual Artist, Business Mentor, Life Coach & PhilanthropistLove & Light

Glenn Louis Parker
Futurist: Visual ArtistBusiness MentorLife Coach & Philanthropist

Dream, Prioritize, Execute, Achieve, Repeat!


Mohandas K. Gandhi — Known also as “Mahatma” to his people meaning;

“The Great Soul”

“LOVE is the strongest force the world processes, and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”

Viktor Frankl — ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’

“You Choose Your Path, or You’re A Plaything of Circumstance”